Faisal Sajwani

Chief Executive Officer

An Emirati serial entrepreneur who utilizes his corporate experience and advanced knowledge in human psychology in his approach to business and investment. A strong passion for education and technology, Faisal is highly driven and determined to be part of massive digital disrupting platforms that offer solutions to real-life pain points.

Sameer Marria

Chief Marketing Officer

An adaptable and versatile professional that is able to work in various surroundings, Sameer combines his love for branding and imaging with his continuous and ever growing knowledge of marketing and product strategy. He is known as someone who always finds the truth in the middle, leaving every party happy. He takes an analytical approach when assessing individuals and their behavior giving him a distinct edge when it comes to business.

Jody Pattison

Chief Operating Officer

A self-made entrepreneur, Jody combines his passion for technology with his eye for business opportunities to create scalable and investable business models. He has managed successful businesses in Europe, primarily in the sales field. His biggest philosophy is to continuously grow the business and to never stand still. Determined and passionate, he strives for success in everything he undertakes.