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What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is a digital replica of a traditional classroom or training room. The instructors teach, and the participants learn in real-time, face-to-face but via internet-enabled technology devices. The classroom staple – whiteboard – remains intact. All classes happen in real-time. Everything remains the way it is. The only difference is: an online classroom uses technology to support instruction and learning.

What are the advantages of a virtual classroom?

It offers more flexibility over a traditional classroom. You can deliver the instruction to a geographically dispersed audience at one time. The attendance is automatically tracked. Moreover, online collaboration typically incorporates more communication tools, such as chat, open discussion boards, polls, and multimedia content.

What is the difference between a traditional and virtual classroom?

Traditional Classroom

  • Teaching limited to and within the classroom.
  • Teachers have to follow the same process for every student batch. More work hours are spent on repetitive tasks.
  • The use of learning technologies is limited in the traditional classroom.
  • The costs incurred on infrastructure, travel and learning material are high.

Online Classroom

  • Teaching from anywhere is possible.
  • You can automate a major part of the process. Also, the students can go over the class recordings to reinforce classroom learnings.
  • There’s no limit on the number of technologies and the way they can be used in an online classroom.
  • The costs of infrastructure, travel and learning materials come down to a minimum.

Emc Squared offers a comprehensive set of features to deliver seamless and synchronous collaborative online learning:

  • High-definition video conferencing
  • Secure live streaming
  • Server-side recording
  • Advanced interactive whiteboard
  • Advanced collaboration and moderation
  • Live screen sharing
  • Polls and surveys
  • Collaborative code editor
  • Easy administration
  • Insights and analytics